8 Actors Who Were Initially Rejected With Weird Statements.

The topic of nepotism has always been hyped in the glam industry. Be it any profession, we have always expected for the new generation to take up the legacies stood by their parents, a doctor’s son/daughter is expected to become a doctor, similar is the scenario with the Bollywood world.

While we have already witnessed various actors, generations after generations, the flag of nepotism has always made it difficult for the non-filmy background to hail fresh young talents to mark their entries in the glam world.

Whereas on one hand, millions of migrants aspiring to become an actor/actress left empty-handed, others refused to give up and remained sturdy despite being constantly criticized for their looks and appearances.

Being judged and rejected for their weight, looks, height, complexions, and various other judgemental reasons, the following actors proved that no matter what, you can make a name for yourself if you’re talented! Let’s take a look at some of the successful Bollywood actors that took the world by storm despite being told they couldn’t:

Taapsee Pannu

This newbie became an instant favorite for the audiences following her strong acting skills and the bold roles taken by the actress. From the portrayal of a strong woman in Pink to a bold agent in Baby to a selfless homemaker in Thappad, the actress has aced them all.

Emerging as one of the most versatile actresses of the glam industry in recent years, Tapsee Pannu expressed her despair in an interview and mentioned the silly reasons lent by the people for turning her down.

Being constantly called as not so beautiful and glamorous for becoming an actress, to being too serious to be an actor, or not hailing from a filmy background, the set of reasons provided by the industry went wrong when Tapsee established herself as one of the successful actresses of the industry. 

Adil Hussain 

Are you also amongst those who fell in love with this actor following his performances in the films like Life of Pi, hotel salvation, aur Maj Rati Keteki? Well, even a short-lived performance of this actor is enough to give us the reason to fall in love with his brilliant acting skills.

His stellar supporting performances in films like English Vinglish, good news, Bell bottom, Ishqiya, etc. are still remembered by the fans and have made him a popular one in the industry.

However, opening up about the immense pressure made on him to believe in not being “good enough”, Adil Hussain revealed how people questioned his ability to become an actor just because of his dark complexion.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Now, who doesn’t know about the journey and struggles of Nawazuddin in becoming a successful actor?

Emerging as one of the finest actors of the Bollywood industry in recent times, Nawazuddin Siddiqui well-explained the common prejudice having existed in the Bollywood industry with just one line – “Hero ka Matlab Hota hai Gora Chitta!”.

Madhuri Dixit

The actress that holds the power to make any fan go weak in their knees with her dazzling smile, impeccable dancing skills, and her phenomenal acting, is the dhak dhak girl of Bollywood, Madhuri Dixit.

Delivering some great hits one after the other back in the 90s, Madhuri revealed how no one believed her when she first made her debut. Being slammed for not having the appearance of a heroine, the rest remains history. 

Anushka Sharma

Having been constantly slammed for her appearance, Anushka Sharma probably addressed herself as being used to rejections!. Facing rejections right from the age of 15, the actress told about how she was dropped from the shows, picked for the ads but would later get replaced.

However, not giving up and marking a grand debut under the Yash Raj label films, she hailed as one of the leading actresses of the Bollywood industry. 

Vidya Balan

Regarded as one of the finest actresses of the Bollywood industry, the journey of the actress Vidya Balan had been full of obstacles. Despite rising to fame and gaining huge stardom in the industry, she was constantly criticized for her body.

Despite the film – The dirty picture becoming a huge success in the Bollywood industry, the film’s lead actress, Vidya Balan was initially highly slammed for her body. Being told that she wasn’t good enough, she still made it big in the industry.

Priyanka Chopra

Gaining huge popularity both in Bollywood and overseas, the desi girl also became a target of criticism in the past. Always being questioned about her capabilities, Priyanka claimed people were constantly doubting her. 

Ranveer Singh

“Party to tu Dene se Rahi, kam se kam 1 bread pakora hi khila De!” – remember the brilliant dialogue delivery aligning with his character well in the film Band Baaja Baaraat? Well, an actor with unmatched energy levels has always proved himself not fearing what others say.

Being repeatedly slammed for his dressing sense, the actor has never stepped back from experimenting on his dresses. During an interview, the actor revealed how Aditya Chopra tagged him as “not a conventionally good looking boy!”

Rajkumar Rao

Flocking the theaters every time we tend to hear about Rajkumar Rao being the lead, he has made himself count amongst one of the best actors of the industry. Taking us back to the year 2017 the actor told in an interview how despite being an exceptional performer and being highly impressive at an audition, he wasn’t picked as the leading face in the project. 


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