French Movies That Got A Bollywood Remake.

Despite being one of the brilliant industries in the entertainment world the Bollywood industry has always been tagged as a “copycat” following its trends of inclining towards taking inspiration and remaking films from various other industries.

Prevailing for ages the industry has not only proudly engaged in copying the contents of the film but also went on to use a similar cast as the original one.

While we are already aware of various Bollywood flicks that were copied from the south industry and became tremendously successful, Bollywood has also not fallen back from copying the contents and taking inspiration from French cinema. So let’s have a look:


The Bollywood actor Bobby Deol has never received the fame that he truly deserved in life. While the actor might not have been a part of 100 crore club movies, the various classic movies of this actor remain neglected and ignored by people, amongst which, the 2000 action thriller film, Bichhoo was one of a kind.

While most of us might not have watched this film, it truly remains one of the brilliant works of the actor. Right from having brilliant acting to an exceptional story plot, this film will certainly make you fall in love.

Taking its contents from the 1994 French film Leon the professional, nobody could have ever imagined this film being brilliantly aced by the Bollywood industry by taking Rani Mukherjee and Bobby Deol as a leading pair. Being highly praised for their performances this Revenge story with a disheartening end will leave you teary-eyed. 

Heyy Babyy

Are you also amongst those who are wondering about that cute little girl from the film and what is she up to these days!? Revolving around the plot of three bachelors who happened to come across an abandoned girl just to realize that one of them is the father.

This hilarious yet heart-touching film with a set of lovable actors made this film a delightful experience for the fans. And being a cherry on the top the cute little angel from the film managed to the audiences to a greater extent. While all of us still happen to love the brilliance of the film, it’s rather highly surprising to note that this was not the original work of the makers!

Yes, the film was taken from the 1985 French film three men and a cradle. And the sheer brilliance of this film tempted not only the Bollywood industry but also the American and Malayalam film industries as well. 

Tera Suroor

Starring the singer Himesh Reshammiya, this film became a true Stunner for the fans following him venturing into the acting industry.

While the film might not have been able to impress the audiences to a greater extent making the masses toss for this film, this film was a sequel to the 2007 release, Aap Ka Suroor. Taking its story from the 2008 French film, Anything for Her Looks like the French cinema could not manage to impress the Indian audiences.

Bheja fry

Helmed as one of the best performances in the career of Vijay Pathak, this film became an all-time favorite for the audiences and received praise from the critics.

Despite having been made on a small budget both the installments of this film were highly successful. Being adapted from the 1998 French film Le Diner de Cons, this film also inspired the Hollywood industry. 

Nautanki Saala

The modern age Ramleela showcased in this film was fun of the offbeat parts of the film. While the story of the film could not manage to impress the audiences to a greater extent, the set of songs used in the film remains one of a kind.

Marking their places amongst our favorites song list, the various songs and delightful appearance of Ayushmann Khurrana with a shot of sober elements and plot, this film was adapted from the 2003 French comedy film, Apres Vous. 

Don Muthu Swami

No, do not confuse this film with Being a South film following its title. Marking its release in 2008, this film by Asim Samanta had the actor Mithun Chakraborty in the titular role.

Marking its inspiration from the 1967 French film and the American film Oscar, this film had an enlarged list as leads in the film. 

Do not disturb

Another Bollywood film that took its inspiration from the 2006 French film, the valet, this comical drama opened up to a positive response amongst the audiences but was not able to grab a prominent position at the box office.

The brilliance of its French version not only tempted the Bollywood makers to get inspired by this film but also became an inspiration for the Bengali film Haripada Bandwala and Punjabi film disco Singh.


The various Bollywood flicks certainly remain underrated following the makers not going for casting some prominent faces in the film. The 2012 black comedy film by Jagdish Rajpurohit named bumboo had various renowned yet side artists playing as leads including actors like Sharad Saksena, Sudheer Pandey, Sanjay Mishra, etc.

Marking an average response at the box office, this film was taken from the French play and black comedy film, L’emmerdeur. 


Marking its release the previous year that is in 2020 on the OTT platform zee5, the Bollywood film Yaara happened to be a crime action film by Tigmanshu Dulia that had various prominent faces as the leading stars.

Revolving around the hardships of a criminal gang who reunite to save their friend being held by the police was brilliantly remade by the Bollywood industry. Helming as the official remake of the 2011 French film a gang story, this film is worth a watch.


Becoming the last project of Mahesh Bhatt in 1999, before Sadak 2, this film starring Sanjay Dutt in the lead role borrowed its plot from the 1990 French film, La Femme Nikita.

Surrounding the story of a cop training a criminal to kill Don, had various promising actors playing the lead roles including actors like Gulshan Grover, Manisha Koirala, Jacky Shroff, etc. 


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