Things Bollywood Films Should Learn From Web Series.

With the recent shift of interests of the Indian audiences following the brilliance of various web series that took over the hearts of people more than the Bollywood films, the fans are looking forward towards the Bollywood industry taking some inspiration from these web series.

Having been regarded as even more entertaining in terms of the offbeat content and introduction of some strong actors, the web series also helped various artists to shine brighter in the industry. While we certainly can’t expect Bollywood to follow the exact similar concept and lines as of the web series, there remains a greater scope of improvement in the various approaches that the industry needs to learn from the web series. Let’s have a look at some of those: 

Impactful introductory music

While the Bollywood industry is in a habit of including several songs throughout its story, however, the excitement created by the web series makers with the introduction of a solid background score is something that makes the audiences remember the classic series with just their introductory songs. Perfectly aligning the theme track with the story, makes it hard for the audiences to forget the phenomenal web series. However, something of the kind has never been spotted in the Bollywood productions where the makers could develop a theme track to suit the story. Some of the brilliant theme songs in the series like, little things, sacred games, Gullak, etc. are something that the Bollywood industry also must adopt.

Giving more importance to the actor over a star

The Bollywood industry has always been stringent towards abandoning the veteran actors, especially the female celebs whom the industry only views in the role of elderly women that is, playing motherly roles. However, the web series helped various actors make a brilliant comeback by casting them in some prominent roles. While these actors were only reduced to stock characters and were offered a lesser prominent role in Bollywood blockbusters, the web series helped in carving their images as phenomenal yet underrated actors. Redefining the concept of a hero, various web series like Scam 1992, Arya, Breathe: Into the Shadows, Ashram, Gullak, etc. had helped veteran actors and some newcomers to showcase their talents perfectly. 

To the point casting

With setting up places that the audiences can deeply relate to, the various web series are immensely loved not just for their brilliant stories and sets but also for their on-point casting. Casting the actors that are both culturally and characteristically compatible with the story, a similar approach must be adopted by movies as well.

Highly realistic elements

Like we just mentioned that the web series is created with many more realistic elements in terms of clothes, settings, and dialogues, this approach has certainly not been followed by several Bollywood stories. And, to cast some shadow upon the same, the ideal haveli shown in the Bollywood blockbuster Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham was said to be situated in Delhi. However, we can’t think of any such place having been situated in Delhi. However, web series on the other hand try to be a bit more specific about the minute details especially relating to locations.

Pure elements of drama humor and romance without any toxicity

While the Bollywood industry has always been praised for its on-point romantic and dramatic elements, however, there have been times when despite gaining brilliance for their works, the deep logic behind showcasing romantic elements was something else than true love. Addicting the audiences to toxic romances and regressive humor, considering the examples of films like Kabir Singh where despite becoming a blockbuster hit, the film was rather actually the most aggressive form of love and was rather a bad example.

No unnecessary songs

Are you also amongst those who have always wondered about the random dance sequences and the perfectly matched moves of those random people around the protagonist? Well, while the Bollywood industry has always tended to focus a bit more on the creation of numerous music pieces within just one single film, this approach is certainly not the web series cup of tea! They are more focused on the specific elements and story with a strong background score which is enough to differentiate its brilliance from others. Not sticking to some meaningless songs and crappy remixes to sell their stories! 

Brilliant credit scenes

Are you also amongst those who find the opening credits a lot more boring and are always eager to skip on those!? Well, credits might seem a bit irrelevant and useless to you, however, the immense time and efforts spent by various people behind making such entertaining masterpieces truly deserve a lot more than just the credits. While the boring credit scenes tend to waste the efforts of showcasing those brilliant names, this approach was rather improvised by the web series makers. Showcasing the strong background music with some eye-catching elements for the credit scenes, tempt the audiences for sticking by rather than just “Skip the intro”. Be it mandalas used in Sacred Games, or some cute graphics from Little things, the web series just knows how to keep our eyes stuck to the screen. 

Skipping biases and gender stereotypes

While Bollywood had created some specific movies centering around such issues and had created a separate genre for the same, it’s highly surprising that the web series pays close attention to such elements in general. Trying out to preserve the authenticity of communities and performing better in terms of character development, the various web series pay close attention to their settings. 


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